Message from President Law; Derby Meeting Minutes

Posted Sept. 25, 2020

Message from President Tom Law

Good day. Please see below Minutes from the Kentucky Derby Week meeting of the NTWAB and a note below from Dave Joseph of the Maryland Jockey Club regarding coverage of the Preakness Stakes Oct. 3.

The reconfigured 2020 Triple Crown continued earlier this month with the Kentucky Derby and many members of the NTWAB were on hand for what will hopefully be a historic and unique event.

A hearty thanks to the NTWAB’s pool reporting team of Greg Hall, Jennie Rees, Alicia Hughes, Byron King and Nicole Russo for their work on the ground in the weeks and days leading up to the race. I knew they would do an awesome job, and they exceeded those expectations by a wide margin.

The content provided – written, video and audio – helped media outlets from coast-to-coast and around the world cover the race in a proper and complete way. Our crew needs to be commended for their work, so feel free to shoot them a note of thanks or if you see them down the road make sure to express those feelings.

The NTWAB will again provide content to members and non-member media outlets from a pool reporting team we are continuing to fill out. Additional information, including how to access the content via Dropbox, will be sent soon.

Have a great week,

Tom Law
NTWAB President


From the Maryland Jockey Club’s Dave Joseph

The Maryland Jockey Club will require anyone traveling from outside the state of Maryland to have a negative COVID result in hand. The test must be taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival. The paperwork will be checked before you enter the facility. The health and safety of those attending is our priority. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

David Joseph
VP Communications/Media Relations
Maryland Jockey Club

National Turf Writers And Broadcasters 2020 Derby Meeting Minutes by Jessie Oswald

Meeting called to order at 12:00 p.m. on Aug. 31, 2020 via conference call.

Roll call of members present, including officers: In attendance: Tom Law, Greg Hall, Jessie Oswald, Dick Downey, Vance Hanson, Bob Kieckhefer, Beth Harris, Julie Sarno, Scott Hazelton, Nicole Russo, Natalie Voss, Liane Crossley, Alex Orr, Byron King, Jay Privman, Caton Bredar, Loren Hebel-Osborne, Frank Angst, Marty McGee, Paul Rolfes, Alicia Hughes, Jay Hovdey, Jennie Rees.

Update on Kentucky Derby pool reporting, media access, etc.: Greg Hall provided an update on the Derby Media Pool reporting - Content is uploaded in DropBox daily and includes audio, video and written notes. Access link to daily DropBox folder is emailed daily to NTWAB members and other members of the media by Secretary. Question re crediting when using content – probably do not need to credit content obtained through media pool, consider it in the public domain. Pool reporters are Greg Hall, Jennie Rees, Alicia Hughes, Nicole Russo and Byron King.

Membership report: Jessie Oswald provided update on membership status, noting membership around 190 members, with bulk of members current on payment of annual dues, and announced results of officer/director elections and proposed bylaw change.

Election of Officers/Directors – conducted through Survey Monkey and open for voting between August 17 and August 31. 92 total voters

OFFICERS (all ran unopposed): President – Tom Law, Vice President – Greg Hall, Secretary – Jessie Oswald, Treasurer – Dick Downey
DIRECTORS: Frank Angst, Nicole Russo and Tim Wilkin (EJ Clark not elected)

Bylaw Change –Suggested changes to clean up policies on member status, treasurer roles, etc. Conducted through Survey Monkey and open for voting between August 17 and August 31. 92 total voters.

Result = Bylaw Amendment Passed 85-5

Treasurer’s Report – Dick Downey – (as of 08/20/2020) - net asset value increased by $18,167, or 19.2%, Vanguard Accounts -  $112,631.31; Checking account - $11,090.22; Charitable account - $11,275.25, all dinner ads have been paid.

NTWAB Annual Dinner – presented by Loren Hebel - Osborne
2020 Annual Awards – not having due to COVID-19. Since we would typically give out $1,000 award to our award winners and Master of Ceremonies, would like to make a one-time significant donation to an organization in need.

Opened the floor to ideas: the Legacy Group of Lexington was part of nomination/idea list sent to membership prior to meeting which included UK’s Gluck Center, Grayson Jockey Club Research Foundation, and Legacy Equine Group. Jennie Rees 2nd the Legacy Equine Academy; Alicia noted all nominated charities are very worthy, but many already have support. Legacy Equine Academy is grassroots effort where dollars will go directly to help educate African American students and students of color about the Equine industry and also help them develop the passion and skills needed to potentially find career opportunities in the industry. Caton Bredar agreed, and noted it is a timely donation and support what a lot of membership has been saying about a greater workforce that is committed to industry.

2021 Annual Awards – Loren asked for input from group regarding Breeders’ Cup 2021 at Del Mar and repeating the Annual Awards dinner at the Brigantine. Julie Sarno 2nd it and offered assistance from her husband with sound system. Additional support noted from other unnamed members.

Other Business:

Early conversations with Breeders’ Cup and it will likely be a very similar procedure as to BC

New member applications - Hold-off on new member applications until Breeders’ Cup meeting

No new business

Announcement of dates/location of next meeting – Monday, November 2, 2020 via teleconference

Adjournment at 12:35 p.m.