Posted April 18, 2017


What: Proposed NTWAB Bylaws Amendments


When and Where: To be presented for a vote at the Spring Membership Meeting at Churchill Downs on May 4, 2017 at Noon EDT


NOTE: This is an unofficial notice. Official Notice of meeting was delivered to the membership by Secretary Jessie Oswald.


Bold and underlined = Proposed new text

Strikethrough = Proposed deleted text



MEMBERSHIP in this association is open to any individual who is actively and professionally engaged in the coverage of Thoroughbred racing. The individual seeking membership must be able to meet the traditional journalistic definition of coverage in at least one area of his or her work, regardless of the medium in which they are published, and show adherence to traditional journalistic standards. Those engaged in (1) publicity or non-journalistic work for a racetrack or horse owner or other such entities; (2) blogs lacking commercial viability; or (3) in working solely as a race-caller, racing official or track photographer shall not be  necessarily disqualified, however final decisions in this regard shall ultimately be determined by the board and membership. A regular review of membership may be conducted to ensure members still qualify on the basis under which they were initially admitted. Ineligible for regular membership are those whose primary occupation is either racetrack official or photographer.


There shall be five four classifications of membership in this association: (a) Regular Writer Members, who are working Turf writers duly elected with the above qualifications; (b) Regular Broadcaster Members, who are working radio and television broadcasters duly elected with the above qualifications; (c) Associate Members, who are people associated with the coverage of Thoroughbred racing but are not eligible for a regular membership, including former Regular Members who are now retired; (d) Tenured Members, who are longstanding regular members of at least 10 years or with 10 years in the profession; and (e) (d) Honorary Members, who are people who have made significant contributions to racing and breeding journalism that may be elected to honorary membership at the annual spring meeting and shall be entitled to wear the NTWAB button. Past presidents and tenured members are considered Regular Members, provided their membership is in good standing. Associate Members shall have Association privileges and benefits, including the right to vote for NTWAB awards, officers and directors, and other Association matters, but shall be ineligible to vote for Eclipse Awards. Honorary Members shall have Association privileges and benefits, including wearing the NTWAB button, but shall be eligible to vote only for NTWAB awards.