Nevills Derby Pedigree Analysis Wins Rippey Award

Joe Nevills, the Daily Racing Form’s sales editor and breeding correspondent, won the second annual Ron Rippey Award for Handicapping Media for his “Who is Bred for the Distance”. will present Nevills with the Rippey Award and $1,000 prize at the National Turf Writers And Broadcasters dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 28, at The Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington.

The article was published April 30, 2015.

Judges Mike Curry and Greg Hall named two Honorable Mentions: Lenny Moon’s “Becoming a Better Horseplayer Part 2: Mastering Money Management” that appeared on his Equinometry blog, and Craig Milkowski’s “View Turf Racing in a New Light” that appeared in the Horseplayers’ Association of North America newsletter. Last year’s winner, “Statistics and Garbage” by Barry Meadow, also appeared in the HANA newsletter.

Any article, blog post, or video about a handicapping topic published in print or online in the past year is eligible for the award.

“It’s an incredible honor to be selected for this award,” Nevills said. “We have been working hard to bridge the gap between bloodstock and handicapping with our coverage at DRF Breeding, and the Average Winning Distance pieces during the Triple Crown races have been a big part of that. It has been rewarding to see the numbers I’ve put together not only get recognized by the Ron Rippey Award judges, but also find a few live runners at a price over the years, as well.” Director of Marketing Ed DeRosa said, “Handicapping horse races is both an art and a science, and the ability to produce compelling content about the topic is a specialty that deserves recognition. We not only want to acknowledge the good work done in this regard but also encourage people to continue to produce this type of content, and who better to honor than successful handicapper and newspaper columnist Ron Rippey.”

Rippey, winner of the 2006 National Handicapping Championship, was a popular fixture on the handicapping circuit and was a 10-time qualifier for the NHC. He also wrote about racing and made picks for the Newark Star-Ledger and contributed Spotlight Selections to for major race days. Rippey died in 2014

“Ron’s enthusiasm for both playing the game and writing about it was infectious,” DeRosa said. “He wanted to beat you, but he wanted everyone to have fun, too, which is the essence of a good day at the races.”

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